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RFNet Self Service Payment Kiosk Solution

Secured Kiosk Solution For The Urban City

Self Service Payment Kiosk solution has been steadily gaining popularity in the global market as companies seek to expand their business, increase revenue, and also improve operational efficiency.


RFNet Self Service Payment Kiosk solution is able to provide secured and convenient cash payment service to the Public. The Self Service Payment Kiosk solution can be equipped Anti-Tampering Alarm, and has a simple and user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) where users can easily identify and proceed with their cash payments. At the back-end, the System is able to generate, retrieve and track the daily transaction report.


Through this solution, the Self Service Payment Kiosk is able to provide a quick and effective way of serving the customers with precise information, which in turn enhances the user experience while also improving operational efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Collection of cash payments

  • Transmission and maintenance of collection data

  • Secured cash handling and fund transfer

  • Maintenance of kiosks

  • Service and technical support

  • Customer service support to public kiosk users

  • Equipped with Anti-Tampering Alarm

  • Experienced  in Domain of Singapore Government

  • Scalable to support future expansion

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Kiosk Diagram r1.png
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