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Our History

RFNet is a spin off company from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. It was incorporated in Feb 2001 by a team of former full-time researchers from NTU. Today RFNet is a subsidiary of Panasonic group.


​Our research in Wireless Networking started in the early 90s with a vision to remove the wire between the Local Area Network (LAN) point and desktop computer. It resulted in the development of a proprietary Manchester encoded DPSK transceiver operating at 1.95GHz/1.8GHz to link two wired IEEE 802.3 Ethernet wirelessly in 1995. To make this commercially viable and allowing a more broader based application, the team then focused on standard based IEEE 802.11 technology and developed the wireless LAN (WLAN) PCMCIA adaptor, WLAN Access Point and LAN-to-LAN bridge.

These represent the first technology platform offered by RFNet at the initial stage.


​The keen interest and devotion to find a technological solution to a challenge and realization of a vision epitomize the spirit of RFNet. Today RFNet is a multi-technology company with speciality and focus on Wired and Wireless Networking, IT security and CCTV Surveillance.

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