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TechCQ - Technology to Cut Down Queueing Time
TechCQ, Singapore Smart City Project

What is TechCQ

TechCQ - Technology to Cut-down Queuing Time, is a Smart Queue Monitoring system developed to monitor and improve the commuters' taxi waiting time at the taxi stands. The system uses advanced video sensing technology to determine the length and flow of the taxi queue in real-time, and send notifications to the Taxi Operators when needed.


Information such as the Crowd Status, Taxi Flow Rate, and the Estimated Average Waiting Time will be made available on the TechCQ Website ( The Public can access these information and make better decision on which taxi stand queue to join. Collected data can be used to further improve the taxi service quality.

Taxi Queue Management
Digital Advertising
Digital Advertising, Singapore

Digital Advertising

One-Stop Advertising Solution.

Advertisement posters and videos can be displayed on our Full HD digital signage, attracting attention to the signage display and creates branding and business for the advertisers. Being located at bustling shopping areas, our signage advertisements can effectively reach out to the consumers.

Additionally, advertisers can be informed on the commuter count at the digital signage from the data collected. These information can also be useful for them to monitor the reception of their advertisements and for future planning on new advertisements.

Type of advertisement display available:

  • Static Advertisements (e.g. posters, image)

  • Motion Advertisements (e.g. video)

  • Sticker Advertisements (signage frame-wrap advertisements)

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