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Video Analytics And Image Processing


Surveillance is always an important part in public security requirement.


However, sometimes due to certain restrictions and constraints, issues may be encountered in the existing security system, such as poor image quality resulting in important things and people’s faces cannot be seen, or images cannot be seen at night or in bad weather conditions due to fog or mist. Therefore, technology in image processing are important in helping to enhance live and recorded video, so that they can achieve higher visibility.

Video analytics can be helpful for control management centre in assisting to identify threats or events, such as unattended objects detection, scene change, trip wire detection, crowd detection and car number plate recognition.

In RFNet, we provide various solutions to enhance images to provide higher visibility to meet customer needs.


RFNet Vehicle Detection and Anaytics

Vehicle Detection & Analytics

  • Automatic triggering software based on Field Of View and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to identify the vehicle identity such as the vehicle brand, type and colour.

  • Offers ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology as a smart solution to support crime prevention, serving as a tireless surveillance system on the road.

RFNet Heat Map People Counting

Heat Map

This provides visualization of the traffic patterns by people and how long they stay in one place. For example, you can place products based on how people tend to flow within the store and arrange objects so that they do not interfere with the movement of people.

Heat Map helps to visualize the movement of people and help to improve customer service and marketing.

  • High Traffic Zone mode: Able to visualize the number of people passing through the place

  • Long Stay Zone mode: Able to visualize the number of people staying at the place

RFNet People Counting, Analytics

People Counting

  • Counts the number of people passing through a selected preset location.

  • The People Counting function can provide statistics on the number of people entering and leaving a specific zone and other useful data.

RFNet Intruder Detection

Intruder Detection

  • Detects the motion of objects in the shooting or detection area.

  • Frames and tracks are displayed around the detected moving objects in the live image.

  • Up to 8 objects can be detected simultaneously.

RFNet Cross Line Detection

Cross Line Detection

  • Alerts the operator that people or objects cross the imaginary lines.

RFNet Loitering Detection

Loitering Detection

  • Detects people loitering for longer than a specific time from 10 seconds to 5 minutes.

RFNet Vehicle Direction Detection

Direction Detection

  • Detects objects moving in a specified direction.

  • Up to 8 directions can be specified.

RFNet Object Detection

Object Detection

  • Alerts the operator that a left or removed object is detected.

  • Up to 8 directions can be specified.

RFNet Scene Change Detection

Scene Change Detection

  • Detects interference caused by tampering with the camera, such as a manual change in the camera direction or blockage of the lens with a cloth or spray paint.

  • Up to 8 directions can be specified.

RFNet Image Processing

​​Image Processing

  • Image Compensation: Video can be corrected to provide clearer images by removing elements that obstruct the camera’s field of vision, such as fog, sandstorm.

  • Visibility Enhancement Technology: In situations where bad weather such as snow or heavy rain causes the video to have low visibility, our software can be used to correct live images and images that have been recorded. It is also possible to brighten dark subjects to make areas that are hard to see be more visible. An example is the images taken at the deep sea, where image visibility is very poor, our software can be used to enhanced the visibility of the image so that subjects can be identified.

  • Enhanced Super Dynamic: Can be used to brightens dim areas with low visibility and reduces the brightness of areas.

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