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City Surveillance
RFNet City Surveillance, CCTV Security

Security Monitoring And Crime Prevention

City street surveillance is always an important part in public security requirement. Our system had successfully helps police is various part of the world to break down crimes and also improve response time to crime sites.


We have full range of products lines for city surveillance application such as outdoor wireless transceiver, network video recorder, solar and battery power supply, wireless mobile network recorder, central monitoring software and video wall equipment.


All these equipment are designed to support high quality video, voice and data transmission (triple play).

Rugged And Waterproof

RFNet outdoor wireless are designed to withstand tough weather conditions and able to support up to 180 km/hr wind loading speed. AP-5010 is an ideal Client wireless to attach with the camera. It comes with Power over Ethernet feature to minimize wiring at site.

Distributed Recording

Normally sub-recording hub could be adopted for large project to minimize bandwidth requirement on the network. This does not affect the central live view on any camera and central backup or recovery of video recording for further investigation.

Central Management

A central control centre shall equip with video network recorders, display monitors or video wall, PTZ camera controller, storage servers and video analytic to support the user on the following:

  1. Live view on any camera

  2. Central monitoring on events

  3. Control on PTZ camera

  4. Video playback

Our network management software also helps to monitor the network equipment status and send alert to administrator on fault or pre-defined event detected.

The control centre also could view the GPS location of all the mobile video surveillance in the vehicle, if the GPS option is enable.

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