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Automated Armoury Kiosk System

Security & Surveillance


Wireless Infrastructure

Smart Kiosk
& Lockers

Automated Armour kiosk

Automated Armoury Kiosk System

The Automated Armoury System is an initiative that the SPF, the Central Narcotics Bureau, and the HTX are developing. It is a smart locker system complemented by Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), for officers to perform self-withdrawal and return of their sidearms. With multiple authentication terminals, several officers will be able to withdraw/ return their sidearms and tasers at the same time. There is improved governance of armaments, with the system being capable of detecting and responding to lapses.

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Wireless Train-Platform Monitoring
By Train Driver

In growing needs for safe and smooth commuting, RFNet offers a Train-Platform Wireless CCTV system that enables drivers to monitor situations at the platform in real-time. When the train reaches the station, it will automatically connect to RFNet Access Points and the display monitor installed at the driver’s cabin will stream platform real-time CCTV via RFNet’s Wi-Fi network. Through this secured and seamless connection, it enables the drivers to monitor train platform situations, allowing commuters to board the train without rushing and avoid causing any accidents.

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Train To Trackside Condition Monitoring

Train To Trackside Wireless Communication

RFNet’s advanced Train to Trackside technology is specially designed to meet the increasing demand for safety, mobility and connectivity in today’s transportation needs. The state-of-art technology establishes a reliable and uninterrupted Gigabit connectivity between the moving train and the trackside. The network can be used for various applications such as Communications-Based Train Control signalling system (CBTC), In-Train WiFi Hotspot, Real-Time CCTV Monitoring, Passenger Information Display System (PIDS), Advertising, and any other value added services.


Depot Wireless Infrastructure

RFNet design and provide high performance wireless infrastructure and security system at depots, achieving 99% high availability. The equipment are developed to withstand tough weather conditions, making it suitable for use in indoor and outdoor facilities. As the vehicle moves along the depot, the system can perform firmware upgrade on-the-fly, and daily fare transaction data are automatically uploaded from the vehicle to the backend servers. This helps in daily data retrieval which is tedious and time consuming, and is made possible via the strategically positioned access points for 100% coverage.

Self Service Payment Kiosk

Self-Service Payment Kiosk

Kiosk solution has been steadily gaining popularity in the global market as companies seek to expand their business. RFNet offers a convenient and effective 24/7 operating kiosk solution to meet growing business needs. The kiosk is equipped with anti-tampering alarm for added security, and has a simple and user friendly GUI where users can easily identify and proceed with the cash transactions. At the back-end, the system is able to generate, retrieve and track the daily transaction report. It is thus quick and effective in serving the customers with precise information, which in turn enhances the user experience while also improving operational efficiency.

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smart locker solution
Driver Monitoring
Train To Trackside
Wireless Infrastructure
Reservoir Surveillance

In-Train Wireless Surveillance

With increasing focus on safety and passenger needs, RFNet takes in-train wireless surveillance to another level by offering key features such as real-time monitoring and alert, central viewing and data archival, and video analytics for critical situations. During emergencies, the portable kit can remote login to the train and retrieve live and recorded video with voice. This advanced solution eliminates costly infrastructure and cable installation, while also increases safety and enhances efficiency in the public transportation.

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Smart Locker

Smart Locker Solution

With the increase in online shopping, demand for parcel deliveries have also increased. RFNet Smart Locker Solution offers a secured and convenient locker solution that is operable 24/7. The lockers have cameras installed as a security measure to deter vandalism and theft, and sensors to ensure smooth completion of depositing and collecting of parcel. This solution helps logistic service providers improve their delivery efficiency and achieve higher productivity, and also provides convenience to consumers without having to worry about missing parcels or having to wait at home for their delivery. With a 24/7 operation, consumers can choose to collect their parcel at any time of the day at their convenience.

Disaster Notification

City Surveillance

City street surveillance plays an important part in public security requirement, protecting citizens from illegal acts and helping to prevent terrorism. With a wide range of product line, RFNet offers security systems that provides high performance, high definition and high quality video technology solution. The equipment are designed to support high quality video, voice and data transmissions (triple play).

RFNet system had successfully helped police in various parts of the world break down crimes and also improve response time to crime sites.


Public Disaster Communication System

Mountainous areas tend to have extreme temperatures, and would be costly to deploy cables for communication needs. RFNet has specially designed a ruggedized access point that is suitable for deployment in sub zero temperatures, functioning in all four seasons. It serves as a cost effective solution for wireless coverage to the households, and is a two-way disaster communication system between the authorities and private homes. During disaster happenings, authorities can broadcast important messages to the private homes via these wireless communication links, and people can telephone for help directly from their home.

City Surveillance
wireless infra

Reservoir Surveillance

As water is a limited natural resource, water reservoir plays an important role in helping to provide clean water for daily use. RFNet offers a surveillance system suited for deployment at reservoirs, being able to withstand the tough weather conditions and humidity, and assisting to prevent any illegal activities through the 24/7 real-time monitoring.  The system deploys point-to-multipoint data backhaul to backend server for central management, and operators can live view through WiFi or cellular network from the central facility.

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