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Automated Armoury Kiosk System

Revolutionising conventional weapon storage through cutting-edge technology, exceeding industry standards. Aligns with global enforcement modernisation trends for a global reach.

The Automated Armoury System has key features such as high solidity, durability and security features including two-factor authentication through face recognition and staff card. Object detection and identification sensors are also available to authenticate and alert users. Additional security features such as RFID technology and two-factor authentication (2FA) have also been added to ensure higher security and daily operation improvement.​

The Automated Armoury Locker Kiosk is designed with precise monitoring, detailed tracking and secure locking technology, such as:

  • Secure Locking Mechanism. Tough and Precision made to prevent Easy Access

  • Detail recording and controlled tracking method. Precise Monitoring

  • Computerised firearm audit. Easy, precise verification and less hassle

  • Biometric Identification to prevent unauthorised access to weapon

  • Advanaced Duress alarm, connecting 24 hours monitoring response system

  • Built in RFID to automatically identify and track removal of weapon

  • Time schedule . Planning and securing controlled movement of weapons

  • Internally built in high secured alarm system. Unique intrusion detection

  • Emergency release. Enhancements manual tripping during distress situation

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