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RFNet is a subsidiary of Panasonic. RFNet Design Products and System Solutions with Expertise in Wireless, IT Network and Security, and CCTV Surveillance.


Through innovative activities with a focus on providing customized technological solutions, RFNet is able to gather insights and create connections around the world, earning a customer base spanning from Asia to Europe, and the United States. This has enabled us a competitive edge in providing our customers an all-encompassing solution design and consultancy service, from conceptualization to final system architecture design. As a customized technological solutions provider, RFNet emphasize on helping our customers reduce cost, improve operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction, while maintaining high security, reliability, and maintainability.


With the knowledge and expertise gained throughout the years, RFNet will continue to provide trusted design solutions and consultancy services to address our customers’ challenges.

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Deric Lee
Chief Executive Officer

Sherwin Gan
Project Director

Dr Dai Shao Wei
Chief Technology Officer

Dr Tan Moh Chuan
Technical Director

Deric is a creative problem solver and a natural leader. He is constantly venturing into new ideas and acquiring new skills in order to provide a first class technology solution to the customers.

Responsible for the company's operation strategy and planning, Sherwin has vast experience in manufacturing, quality control, financial planning, and also has more than 10-years cumulative experience in Research & Development.

The expert in managing and developing embedded networking devices and application software. Shaowei has extensive experience in Wireless LAN technology, technical design architecture and IT security system.

With a wealth of experience in Radio Frequency design, Moh Chuan leads the Research & Development Team in designing and developing successful Wireless and industrial products, catering to demands in the global market.


RFNet was formed in 2001 by a team of researchers from Nanyang Technology University. In 2015, RFNet became a subsidiary of Panasonic group.


RFNet started off in the early 90s with a vision to remove the wire between the Local Area Network and desktop computer. In 1995, a proprietary Manchester encoded DPSK transceiver was successfully created to link two wired IEEE 802.3 Ethernet wirelessly. To make it commercially viable and available for broader based applications, the team had further developed a range of Wireless LAN products and also providing a complete Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) service to the customers.


The keen interest and devotion to find a technological solution to the challenge and realization of a vision epitomize the spirit of RFNet. Through constant market monitoring and endless pursuit of technologies meticulously developed to each customer’s needs, today RFNet is a multi-technology company with specialty and focus on Wireless Networking, CCTV Surveillance, IT Security, and Smart Business Solution.


RFNet Philosophy is to deliver the highest quality innovative products and provide value-added services in a timely and reliable manner. We fully understand that time to market is critical for every company, and take great pride in exceeding our customers’ expectation in every aspect.


With new challenges appearing everyday and businesses face increasing pressure to be at the forefront in delivering new technologies, RFNet aims to build strong and lasting relationship where we understand and address your current and future business needs, which in turn assist businesses reach out to new markets and revenue stream.



Defence Services Asia Exhibition and Conference (DSA) 2024 (Highlights)

6-7 May 2024 @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our team are glad to support our partner at Defence Services Asia Exhibition and Conference (DSA 2024) showcasing the latest Automated Armoury Locker to the esteemed guest from around the world and governments officials from Malaysia.

Milipol Asia-Pacific Techx Summit 2024 (Highlights)

3-5 April 2024 @ Sands Expo Singapore

Our team had an amazing time alongside Panasonic and SWS Inntech at Milipol Asia-Pacific Techx Summit 2024 as we hosted esteemed guests showcase the Automated Armoury Kiosk System and Wireless Camera Recording Unit (WCRU) alongside Toughbook to experience the WCRU recordings.

AA lcoker .jpg

Automated Armoury Kiosk System

Service Transformation

An initiative that the Singapore Police Force (SPF), the Central Narcotics Bureau and the Home Team Science and Technology Agency(HTX) developed for the Ministry of Home Affairs. A Smart locker system for officers to perform self-withdrawal and return of their sidearms.

Drs. In The House

A Milestone Achievement

RFNet Technologies would like to congratulate our staffs; Dr. Dai Shaowei, Dr. Tan Moh Chuan and Dr. Murdifi Bin Muhammad on achieving their Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degrees from the University of Glasgow. You guys deserve this! Your dedication, sacrifice, and hard work has paid off. We are proud and happy to have supported you guys in your achievements.

International Mobility Exhibition, Wireless Intrusion Detection System, In-Train fast roaming dual radio, WiFi hotspot, CCTV solution.

Panasonic Singapore Kick-Off

Panasonic Singapore Private Event

An exclusive event showcasing some of RFNet technologies:

  • High-Bandwidth Multimedia Wireless Streaming

  • Wireless Bridging Capabilities

  • In-Vehicle Wireless Recording

World Congress on High Speed Rail International Event Exhibition, railway transportation, industrial products and solutions, mobile security.

World Congress on High Speed Rail


An international event which will feature international rail experts with focus on high-speed rail transportation. RFNet showcase our industrial products and solutions specially catered for the mobile security surveillance.

RFNet exclusive interview with Milestone

Milestone Magazine Exclusive Interview

September 2019 Issue

An exclusive coverage on RFNet from its beginning where it started as one of the first few companies in Singapore to manufacture Wireless LAN products, and how it overcome overseas competition and begin taking the company in a new direction to where it is now.

Read more here!

A.I. To Smart Life Private Event Exhibition, handsfree ticketing, disaster notification, in train hotspot, IT security, backend system.

A.I. To Smart Life

Panasonic Taiwan Private Event

An exclusive event showcasing some of RFNet technologies:

  • Handsfree Ticketing System

  • Disaster Notification System (Harsh Climate) 

  • In-Train Hotspot and CCTV Solution

  • IT Security and Backend System

Panasonic Singapore Event Exhibition, high bandwidth multimedia wireless streaming, wireless bridging, wireless recording.

The Future of Mobility

InnoTrans 2016

An international event where RFNet showcase our Wireless and Surveillance Solutions for the Railway Industry:

  • Wireless Intrusion & Detection System

  • In-Train Fast Roaming Dual Radios Access Point

  • In-Train WiFi Hotspot and CCTV Solution

  • IT Security and Backend System

Singapore CommunicAsia Exhibition, wireless mobile surveillance, WCRU, NVR, access point.

Information & Communication Exhibition

Singapore CommunicAsia 2015

A local exhibition where RFNet showcase our wireless in-vehicle surveillance solutions, featuring industrial wireless camera recording unit (WCRU) and access point.

Panasonic Thailand Security Surveillance Event Exhibition, RFNet Industrial Wireless LAN and Transport Video Recorder, Security Camera.

Security Surveillance Collection

Panasonic Thailand Private Event 2016

An exclusive event where RFNet showcase our solutions created to boost security surveillance:

  • RFNet Industrial Wireless LAN and Transport Video Recorder (WCRU)

  • Advanced Security Camera (Panasonic i-PRO)


IFSEC 2015

ExCel London

An event where RFNet showcase products and technologies on surveillance and recording solutions:

  • Mobile Surveillance Solution

  • Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

  • Backend Central Management System for Live-view, Video Management and Storage.

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