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In-Boat Deployment
RFNet In-Boat Security Deployment


To secure boats against any threats in the sea, video surveillance is indispensable in enhancing security and providing evidence when needed. RFNet specializes video surveillance system in transportation sector, which requires very strict and tough circumstance to operate.


  • Local & Central Recording

Camera images in either JPEG/JXR or H.264 are always recorded in the WCRU (Wireless Camera Recording Unit) installed in the boat. You can choose storage size from various kind of storage suitable to your requirement. Once the boat returns to depot/shore, the WCRU will detect WiFi AP and automatically starts to upload stored image to the back-end server.


  • Live view by mobile network

As far as the boat is within the mobile network coverage, you can monitor live view from central operation center via internet. The communication between operation center and boat is secured by VPN connection. 

  • Live view in the cockpit

To catch the situation around boat in the cockpit, WCRU show the live view on display connected by HDMI.

  • Central Management

WNCS-233-NMS is not only network management software but it can configure detail WCRU and AP  via network. So you can easily find failure of equipment and change the configuration. The Central Management software also support central firmware upgrade wirelessly.


In-Boat CCTV Surveillance And Wireless Video Upload At Docking Station

RFNet In-Boat CCTV Surveillance And Wireless Video Upload At Docking Station

Application Example Key Features

  • Automatic upload of CCTV recording at dock. Reduce manpower to retrieve manually and operating cost.

  • Central storage and playback of recording.

  • Central fault detection and automatically send alert to support team.

  • 4G Liveview.

RFNet In-Boat Connection Diagram


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