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About RFNet

A Subsidiary Of Panasonic

RFNet Design Products and System Solution with expertise in Wireless, IT Security, IT Network and CCTV Surveillance.


Since its inception in 2001, RFNet has focused intensely on developing solutions to meet and solve customer needs for their business. This has enabled the company to establish and grow a customer base spanning the globe from Asia to Europe, and the United States. Today, RFNet is also a subsidiary of Panasonic.


RFNet takes pride in understanding our customer’s business first. As a custom solution provider, we tailor and create the best-fit technology platforms to address those business needs with a strong emphasis on helping our customers reduce cost, improve operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction, while maintaining high security, reliability and maintainability.


We have established technology platform solution (as shown below) using mature technology modules library which helps us shorten our customer’s time to market over the years. We have the professional expertise to provide an all-encompassing product/system design and consultancy service from conceptualization to final system architecture design. Some these platform technologies are:

  • Wireless Infrastructure Solution for Bus, Train Depots, School and Warehouse.

  • Fixed Wireless for Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint link of up to 60 km (with line-of-sight).

  • IT Security Solution for Enhance Network Security with server hardening, Firewall, SIEM (Security Incident and Events Management), wired and wireless Intrusion Detection and Centralized Network Management.

  • Private LTE/Cellular Solution for enterprise or disaster management.

  • CCTV Surveillance for In-Vehicle surveillance with GPS tracking.

  • CCTV Surveillance With Video Analytic for Intelligence Transport System and Shopping Mall video crowd analytic.

  • Private Cloud Surveillance Solution for CCTV security monitoring and management.

  • Outdoor City Surveillance for security monitoring with solar and wireless technologies.

  • Multi-site Digital Signage Solution for digital advertising with centralized or cloud management.

​Backed by a strong R&D team, RFNet solutions has garnered industry recognition and won several awards. This includes “The Best New Technology Product” 2004 in the International Hotel/Motel and Restaurant Trade Show in New York City, USA for a high speed internet access solution, winning this accolade over 130 entries in six categories for top honour.  RFNet then went on to design and manufacture a wireless network gateway router for Lenovo (LSA-800R) which ranked top against 13 other leading brand name products in the March 2006 edition of China PC Magazine.

Our Philosophy

RFNet corporate philosophy is to deliver the highest quality innovative products and provide value-added services in a timely and reliable manner. We fully understand time to market is absolutely critical to each and every customer, and take great pride in exceeding customer’s expectations in every aspect.

​RFNet appreciates the fact that businesses today are under increasing pressure to introduce new products and be at the forefront of new technologies at an ever-increasing pace. Our mission, thus, is to build a strong and lasting partnership with you where we understand and help address both your current and future business needs, and in the process, help you reach out to new markets and revenue stream.

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