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Wireless Camera Recording Unit (WCRU)

Ruggedized Wireless Camera Recorder | Surveillance

The Wireless Camera Recording Unit (WCRU) is a ruggedized recorder housed in an IP54 metal casing, meeting the vibration, impact and shock resistance requirement under stringent transportation standard, and is certified to the Train Standard.

Being able to connect up to 18 cameras (depending on model type), and support 24x7 continuous recording in image (JPEG/JPEG-XR) or video (H.264) format, the WCRU can be installed in vehicles such as Public Transport or Police Car and provide surveillance and security.

The WCRU can be accessed through WiFi and Cellular Network (3G/4G) for status checking while the vehicle is on the road, and the recorded data will be automatically uploaded to a central recording system when the vehicle returns to the station or depot.

There are two categories of the WCRU:


Wireless Camera Recording Unit Gateway (WCRU-III-Gateway)

The WCRU-III-Gateway is a compact and ruggedized Gateway Unit housed in an IP54 metal casing and supports a wide range of operating temperatures from -25°C to +70°C. It meets the vibration, impact and shock resistance requirement under stringent transportation standards, and is certified to Train Standard.

Its key features highlight:

  • Interface Gateway

  • Management

  • Multiple Ports

  • Certified For Train Usage

Its optional features hightlight:

  • Supports network based storage for data and video​​

  • Optional security features such as Encrypted Drive, Security Key (FIP-140)

  • Providing wireless fast data transfer and fast seamless roaming with QoS and Data Bandwidth Management


Seamless Wireless Transmitter (SWT)

WV-SWT is a Seamless Wireless Transmitter with two types of wireless technologies, Industrial Wireless LAN and Cellular, integrated into one box solution. There are two Giga LAN ports for external device to connect to it and seamlessly connect to Wireless LAN or Cellular wireless network automatically.


SWT is target for use in in a mobile vehicle environment where vehicle could seamlessly connect to either Wireless LAN or Cellular network with automatic fail over between the two wireless networks.


Access Point (AP)

The Access Point (AP) series is a specially designed industrial grade equipment, housed in an IP67 waterproof casing and is equipped with RFNet long distance wireless profiling to achieve stable and optimal wireless performance over the long distance communication links.


The AP can operate in different modes such as Access Point, Client (CPE), Repeater and Sensor Access Point (Sniffer) mode. Depending on the model type, the AP can support a wide range of applications such as Wi-Fi hotspot, Fixed Broadband Communication, Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint CPE.


Wireless Intrusion Detection Solution

Wireless Intrusion Detection Solution:

A security solution for enhanced cyber security, which consist of Wireless Sensor to constantly scan each radio packets, a Network Management Software to manage the Wireless Sensor of the wireless intrusion system, and a Security Incident Event Management system to detect security attacked or intrusion.


RFNet Accessories

RFNet Accessories include:



A range of antennas with different frequency bands, gains and types. Various antenna types include omni-directional and patch antennas to ceiling mount and parabolic antennas.

RF Cables

Various grade of outdoor RF Cables. The cables are of LMR standard, which is a UV Resistant Polyethylene jacketed cable. The bending and handling characteristics are significantly better than air-dieletric and corrugated hard-line cables.

Other Accessories such as  RF Surge Arrestors, Adaptors, POE Injectors, POE Extenders, and Power Supply. 

Special antenna design and customization services can also be provided.


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