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City Surveillance | Security CCTV

Security Surveillance

Equipment Performs Well Under Extreme Temperatures

 Performs Well Under

Extreme Temperature

CCTV Mount Example: Pole-Mount

Pole-Mount CCTV

Suitable For Any In-Vehicle Deployment

In-Vehicle Deployment


RFNet Security Surveillance Solution That Supports A Safe City

City street surveillance plays an important part in public security requirement, protecting citizens from illegal acts and helps preventing terrorism. With a wide range of product line, RFNet offer security systems that include high performance, high definition and high quality video technology solution. The equipment are designed to support high quality video, voice and data transmissions (triple play).

RFNet system had successfully helped police in various parts of the world break down crimes and also improve response time to crime sites.


RFNet Security Surveillance Solution At Sea

To secure boat against any threats in the sea, video surveillance is indispensable to leave evidences and to prevent threat. RFNet specializes video surveillance system in transportation sector which requires very strict, tough circumstance to operate.

RFNet offer full range of system that covers the front-end and back-end of the solution: In-boat CCTV surveillance and wireless video upload at docking station, with central management system.


RFNet Analytical Technology For Enhanced Image Visibility And Processing

Surveillance is always an important part in public security requirement.


However, sometimes due to certain restrictions and constraints, issues may be encountered in the existing security system, such as poor image quality resulting in important things and people’s faces cannot be seen, or images cannot be seen at night or in bad weather conditions due to fog or mist. Therefore, technology in image processing are important in helping to enhance live and recorded video, so that they can achieve higher visibility.

Video analytic can be helpful for control management centre in assisting to identify threats or events, such as unattended objects detection, scene change, trip wire detection, crowd detection and car number plate recognition.

In RFNet, we provide various solutions to enhance images to provide higher visibility to meet customer needs.


RFNet Secured Kiosk Solution For The Urban City

Self Service Payment Kiosk solution has been steadily gaining popularity in the global market as companies seek to expand their business, increase revenue, and also improve operational efficiency.

RFNet Self Service Payment Kiosk solution is able to provide secured and convenient cash payment service to the Public. The Self Service Payment Kiosk solution can be equipped Anti-Tampering Alarm, and has a simple and user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) where users can easily identify and proceed with their cash payments. At the back-end, the System is able to generate, retrieve and track the daily transaction report.

Through this solution, the Self Service Payment Kiosk is able to provide a quick and effective way of serving the customers with precise information, which in turn enhances the user experience while also improving operational efficiency.

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